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10th Anniversary

Special Menu


49/ person

Wine Pairing  39/ person


This menu will be the sole offering

from 18 to 22 June


Booking Policy


 Please leave a message of any dietary requirements

when you book online. While we endeavor to cater to

most dietary requirements,

we cannot cater to those with a Gluten-Free or

Shellfish Allergy with this menu.


Aubergine with Yuzu Soy Sauce

Tofu with Soybean Foam

Kimchi Pancake

Turmeric Turnip Pickle with Seaweed

Courgette with Fermented Shrimp

Steamed Butter Rice, Okra Pickle



Daikon, Korean Cabbage, Soy Sauce Broth




Pork Belly Confit


Cauliflower, Carrot, Apple,

Coffee BBQ Sauce




Chocolate Crèmeux

Meringue, Buckwheat, Cobnut Ice Cream,

Miso Salted Caramel Sauce





Signature Rice Pudding

Pistachio, Matcha, Mango Sorbet






Hodu Gwaja Canelé

Walnut, Red Bean





VAT included.  

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.

시나브로 인감.png

Bansang is a Korean dining tradition where rice takes center stage, surrounded by a delightful array of side dishes, Banchans.

It's the heartwarming essence of everyday dining in Korea.

This is Sinabro's revisit of the classic Bansang.

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