We will update this Sample Menu as soon as we can accommodate our guests on the premises. 





Please inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of your reservation.

This will help us ensure that we create the best possible menu to accommodate your needs.

Dinner Menu



Homemadesourdough bread, Smoked butter, Seaweed pesto    £4.5

Sicilian green olives    £3.9

Pig’s trotters croquettes, Aioli, Parsley, Fermented chilly sauce(2p)    £5.9

Caramelized micro anchovies    £3.9

Homemade pickles    £4.9

“Jésus de Lyon” dry cured sausage   £4.9

Iberico chorizo    £4.9

Serrano ham (13m matured)   £4.9 


Tomato Gaspacho,  Watermelon, Heritage tomatoes, Cucumber   £7.5

Cod Brandade, Beetroot purée, Lilliput capers, Black sesame   £8

Fregola Sarda Risotto, Kimchi, Quail egg, Nori, Parmesan    £8.5


Hake, Coco de Paimpol& Green beans, Chorizo, Black olive    £19.5

Guinea fowl, Potato Mille-Feuille, Baby artichoke “Petit Violet”    £19.5

Beef Striploin, Broccoli, Chantenaycarrot, Girolle, Pear purée, Bulgogisauce   £22


Baby gem salad, Shallot, Herbs, Lemon vinaigrette    £4.9 

Roasted potatoes confit    £4.9 

Buttered tender Kale & Pine nuts    £4.9


Apple Terrine, Oats crumble, Salted caramel ice cream, Sorrel   £7.5

Rice Pudding, Matcha, Caramelized pistachio, Mango sorbet    £7

Strawberry,OrangeBarvarois, Meringue    £7.5

Sorbet & Ice cream (3s)  £5.9  

Homemade chocolate truffles (3p)   £3.9

Brillat-savarin / Saint-maure de touraine/ Comté

w/ Homemade bread, Quince jelly and Yuzu

£5 per cheese, £12 for 3 cheeses

TASTING MENU    £49 per person

served to the whole table

Homemade sourdough bread w. Smoked butter & Seaweed pesto >

Gaspacho > Risotto > Hake > Beef > 1 choice of Dessert


MATCHING WINES    £39 per person

(include Kir royal and Dessert wine)

Prices include VAT at 20%. 

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.